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SOAR SEIKI 998 TD1 2017 - 1/8 Competition Buggy Kit

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A quick history of the creation of SOAR Racing.

SOAR Seiki was formed in 2013 with an all new/unique front suspension design : ‘DBS’ – Direct Ball System. After many many years of manufacturing R/C parts for major brands such as HPI and 3-time World Champion HB, the owner Didian Ho decided to release his own line of buggies. He had 1 goal in mind - to manufacture the highest quality buggy capable of winning National and World Championships.

The first buggy was released in Europe in 2014. To continue to improve on the design, SOAR released the 2016 998 TD1 buggy with the focus on improved handling and tuning. Now after 4 years of designing and manufacturing of the 998 buggy line, SOAR have released the new 2017 998 TD1 version with an improved front end geometry and new stronger and lighter parts for even more performance and durability. 

The Innovative Direct Ball Steering (DBS) system found on the 2017 TD1 gives you more handling options that any other pivot ball steering system out there.  With 3 different positions available for your upper front link, you can adjust your roll center to meet your handling demands.  Use the innermost position for aggressive steering, use the center for milder steering, and use the outermost hole for the smoothest steering possible.

Shocks are one of the most important items for a great handling car.  With a class leading 16.7mm design they are the largest race shock available.  The rebound and damping comes with convex pistons as standard.  The spring cups use a locking system to prevent them from being dislodged during a race.

The suspension arms are extremely thick and strong.  They are offered in a hard and soft version.  The soft is for racing in colder temperatures to resist the arms being too brittle.  Hard arms for the warmer temperatures to resist being to flexible.  You can pick the arms for the proper time of year to keep the handling consistent and dependable.

< Required for operation >

  • R/C System: 2-ch, 2-servo R/C for cars
  • Servo horns for throttle and Steering
  • Engine: 21~28 class (P shaft type) engine with rear exiting exhaust
  • Manifold and tuned muffler
  • Wheels and tires with sponge inserts
  • Shock oil
  • Diff oil
  • Fuel, engine starting tools
  • Paint for body
  • Batteries for R/C system
  • Air cleaner oil