• REDS Quattro 4 Shoe Adjustable Competition Clutch System

    Reds Racing

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  • Description

    The New QUATTRO Adjustable, Pre Assembled             Off Road Clutch System             100% made in Italy
    QUATTRO Technology.
                            REDS Racing has created a new off road four shoes clutch system.
                            The new clutch is designed to make the engine power output more linear and smoother.
                            The best traction, vehicle driveabilty and low fuel consumption are guaranteed.
                            The new 4 shoes clutch is completely adjustable. Thanks to a rotating front plate there’s no need to disassemble it or to change springs.
                            The clutch is integral part of the engine. It allows to increase performance, improve tuning and engine reliability.
                            The clutch is 100% made in Italy. The clutch kit comes Pre Assembled and Tested to ensure the best performance and reliability.
    High Quality.
    Hybrid Shoes                          QUATTRO is equipped with a hybrid 4 shoes system. This configuration, with two 7075 aluminum shoes and two carbon shoes is suitable for every kind of track.
    Vented Bell                         Our high performance vented clutch bell has been manufactured with a special hardened carbon steel and high accuracy CNC machining. These features guarantee longer life to clutch bells, shoes and ball bearings.
    Flywheel                         The flywheel is lightweight and has a low inertia to rotation to maximize engine power. Thanks to the 32mm flywheel design, it is possible to race on any type of ground, even with stones, without danger of flaming out.
    Fully adjustable.
    The new REDS clutch is easy to assemble and adjust. The clutch assembly does not require any special tool, just your hands. The clutch adjust is extremely easy. It is possible to change the spring preload from L to H position or vice versa thanks to three simple steps : pull out the front plate, rotate it counterclockwise until you center the desired hole with the pin and push it to stop position.
    Config Result Power Delivery Application
    L Engages at lower RPM Smooth acceleration Low traction
    H Engages at higher RPM High acceleration High traction
    Complete Compatibility.
                            REDS clutch is universal and suitable for every kind of engine and car (Buggy and Truggy): Kyosho, JQ, Team Losi, Agama, Mugen, Team Associated, Hot Bodies, Serpent, Xray, OFNA, etc.
                            The original REDS bell can be used with all types of cars named above. Only TEAM LOSI car requires the original LOSI bell.

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