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Nu Concept Tyre Adhesive 20gm

Nu Concept Tyre Adhesive 20gm

  • £399

Nu Concept have launched a range of Tyre superglues especially for the RC market.

The Pro Tyre CA range has primarily been created to deliver the strongest bond possible between the tyre and wheel as this is critical to the performance and tyre longevity. The tyre CA is filled in bottles with a specially developed thin nozzle pinned cap.

The THIN Tyre CA is of a “Normal” viscosity with good performance, flow, and dry time that racers and bashers are probably used to using.

Nu Concept’s unique formulas are particularly resistant to other enviro-chemical influences and have unprecedented hold strength measured at 3500PSI, drying crystal clear within seconds.

Available in 'Thin' or 'Ultra Thin' velocities.


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