• Maxima R6 .21 Competition On Road Engine


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  • Description

    MAXIMA R6 (.21) is based on OS R2102 but factory tuned and pre-run by Maxima.

     Main features

     Center of gravity is 3 mm lower, for better handling

    • A second inner button head allows for finer tuning to meet track conditions
    • New ceramic rear bearing reduces friction loss
    • Sharp new laser graphics
    • Compatible with 16% nitro fuel, which complies with EFRA regulations
    • Retains Speed innovations such as DLC coating and tungsten weighted crank shaft

    Technical data

    Displacement: .213 cu in (3.49 cc)
    Bore: 0.633 in (16.08 mm)
    Stroke: 0.677 in (17.2 mm)
    Practical RPM: 4,000-45,000
    Power Output: 2.8 ps/2.76 hp @ 33,000 rpm
    Weight: 11.99 oz (340 g)
    Includes: R2102 inner head, T-RP7 plug, exhaust seal ring, tapered collet

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