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Exclusive to RC Pit Box in the UK!

The brand of Italian front runner and former IFMAR World Champion Daniele Ielasi, has expanded their range of hand-tuned engines. Each engine is hand built and modified by Daniele himself in Italy using genuine Novarossi parts.

IELASITUNED introduces a new engine for the Off-Road category, the new HUMMER EVO.  The new Hummer EVO is a conceptually entirely new engine compared to the old Hummer 7T WC, the new crankcase and the new sleeve 5 ports mainly characterize this new engine.  With this version we wanted to create a much more flexible engine, excellent for high-level competitions with a markedly improved performance/consumption ratio and also excellent for the hobby drivers, having an almost unbeatable quality/price.  So if you want to be the first to have your new HUMMER EVO don't hesitate to order

We can assure you with IelasiTuned Engine Line made by NOVAROSSI that there will be no difference between factory drivers and non factory drivers, there will be no pinned crankcase end caps and no modifications basically no difference between Whatever the factory backed driver will use and the non factory driver that will buy off the Hobby shop shelf.

The Brand is made in Italy

Designed and developed by Daniele Ielasi; 

modified, selected and prepared by hand with high quality and checked by a specific precise measurement tool.