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Scottish Nationals to ADUR - Go team RCPB!

Posted by Jules exall on

This weekend the weather and traffic meant played havoc with some race meetings but we still had a couple of RCPB drivers out there!

In Scotland, John Gorman and his Xray 1/10th was competing in the Scottish 1/10th nationals. The Track started in good condition but with a lot of excess grass. In round one the rear wheel was clogged with grass, locking it up which gave him a 22nd in round. Round two was good as the track got quicker and he got a 4th in round. Round 3 reasonable as the track became slippery with rain giving him a 7th in round. Round 4 it was very slippery and only managed a 10th. It was a 4 and 7 to count. That put him in 9th in the A. The Rain was torrential so he made the decision to not run, but all in all a pretty decent day for John. From the pictures below we can see why!

Down at Adur it was Ashley Evans and his Mugen MBX7R Eco and his Tekno SC buggy take a great TQ and win once again. His cars are pictured below!

Great work to the guys who managed to race this weekend!

This week we also have Schumacher driver Felix De Hamel racing in the 1/10th Euros in Spain. He is currently qualifying, check out next week’s report to see how he gets on, competing with the best in Europe! We will also be trackside at the new JC Raceway near Kidderminster for the next round of the Nemo Nitroxcross series, so if you’re about come and check the venue and the series out.

As always all the guys use cars and kit available through the shop, so drop us a line if you are interested in anything –!

Eat, Sleep, Race, Repeat until next time.

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