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RCPB – Regional’s and National’s and more!

Posted by Jules exall on

Lots of racing for Team RCPB this weekend – we just can’t get enough RC action!!!!

At Kidderminster for the Mid West 1/10th regional! Felix De Hamel and Mark Fletcher and their Schumacher cars were representing. Both drivers in great form recently so it was going to be a very competitive RCPB team at Marks home track. Both had great qualifying, Felix managed some fantastic qualifying runs and got straight in the B, he qualified and finished 13th, a great day for this young driver. Fletch made the A, and finished a superb 8th. So both drivers finished in the top 15, Well done guys, we predict some very high finishes in the championship this year for both guys. Fletch’s stunning looking Schumacher car, pictured below.

At Swindon model car club it was Chris Lovell and his Mugen MBX7R eco taking an impressive TQ and win, and by a 2 lap margin over 2nd place. Another top placed finish from Chris, his fine looking buggy pictured below.

Down at Herts it was Rd3 of the 1/8th Nitro nationals, a big team down at one of the best tracks in the UK. Team Boss Matt Box, Alex Page, Milan Dragojlovic, Gary Gregory, Steve Shakespeare, Arron Girling and Kong McKezie would do battle over the two days. In qualifying the tricky weather made qualifying interesting, tyre choice would be important.

Milan would end up an amazing 13th overall after 5 tough rounds of quail, with 2 10ths on the board. He and his Kyosho MP9 Tki4 were on fire. Kong was next with 49th with his Mugen MBX7r, closely followed by Steve and his Tki4 in 51st and Arron with his Ielasi tuned powered Kyosho in 55th. Matt ended up 69th, Gary 84th and Alex 109th.

Alex would be first up in the finals in the A 1/64ths, this was a very close final; Alex started 5th and after a good start finished 8th with his Kyosho. Gary was next in the B 1/32, starting 2nd on the grid, he and his Ielasi Tuned 7 port engine managed to one stop the 20min final with ease, meaning he was in prime position for a bump up, he drove brilliantly and came home 2nd. His amazing pace continued in the 1/16B final where he pulled off some great overtakes, that combined with another one stop meant he finished 5th, narrowly missing another bump.

In the other 1/16th final was Matt, he meant business, driving a steady final and easily finishing 3rd with his Ielasi/Kyosho combo dialled! His bump meant that he would join Kong, Steve and Arron in the A1/8th final (his car pictured below ready for the finals).

4 RCPB drivers in the same final - The battle was on! Steve took up the lead early on and Arron and Kong were also competing at the sharp end. Steve pulled out a small lead and crossed the line in first place, Kong and Arron were wheel to wheel tryng to get the final bump spot, a great bit of driving by the pair, 2seconds separated the pair at the line, with Kong just edging it from Arron. Matt finished 11th. Steve and Kong both went on to the A1/4 but had problems and had to retire from the race.

Up to the Semi and Milan had a great start, his quick pace meaning he gained some places, a few bobbles put him back in the pack, but he was still in hot pursuit of 7th, and the final bump spot. He crossed the alongside the 7th place driver after a good on track scrap, he was unfortunately just behind on the track and narrowly missed the bump by just short of 1 second.

Another great day for the team, everyone giving a great performance as usual! As always all of the cars and kit that the guys use including fuel, tyres and accessories are available from RCPB. EAT,SLEEP,RACE,REPEAT!

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