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More Podiums for RCPB

Posted by Jules exall on

This weekend the RCPB team were back out in force, for some it was Nitro X Cross that got them trackside. It was held at ESBRC and we had Rich Price, Si Davies, Matt Box, Jon Griffiths, Steve Shakespeare and Milan Dragojlovic and Chris Lovell. We also had Graham Alsop running the Maxima MW B2R engine pictured below. (photo credit JMR Photography)



On Saturday In Nitro Si Davies managed 37th with his Radiosistemi RR8, Rich 16th with his Sworkz Evo II LE, Steve 15th with his Kyosho MP9 Tki4, Jon with his AE got 13th, Mattt got 8th with his Iealsi Tuned powered Kyosho, Milan got an impressive 2nd with his Kyosho/Maxima MX B2R combo and Graham got the TQ. In the Electric Class Chris Lovell got a 2nd with his Mugen MBX7R Eco.


Simon Davies was first up in the finals but had radio issues and had to retire. Steve and Jon were up in the B final. Both Steve and Jon were battling for the bump, Steve had an issue in the middle of the race and so dropped back but he went on to finish a very good 12th. Jon had a great race, his AE looked superb as he powered home to 2nd taking the bump to the A to join, Milan,Matt and Graham.


All the RCPB guys had a good start, Jon had to retire early on leaving Matt/Milan and Graham. Graham and Milan were up the front, the MX motor running flawlessly. Graham took 9 from the 10 fastest laps and he lead from start to finish. Taking the impressive win! Milan got a fantastic 2nd and Matt Box powered home to 9th. Brilliant results for the nitro boys!


Chris Lovell in E-Buggy had a great start but he had Electrical issues and finished a good 8th despite the problems.


On Sunday Si Davies had a tough day but still managed a solid 50th, Chris Lovell also ran Nitro and he got another good qualifying of 31st, showing some fantastic pace with his Ielasi Tuned powered machine. Steve got 14th, Rich got 10th, Matt got a very impressive 7th, Milan 4th and Graham got 2nd. Chris also running his E Buggy qualified 2nd – a great achievement running both classes!


In the Ebuggy final, Chris finished 8th. He was also first up in the Nitro Finals, in which he fared slot better, taking a brilliant 2nd in the C final to bump to the A. He joined Steve in the B final and they were both in a battle for the bumps in the middle of the pack. Chris drove from 14th to finish just behind the bumps in 6th and just ahead of Steve in 7th.


Onto the A – Rich got another good start and went on to get a brilliant 14th, a great result for the Sworkz man. Graham had an unfortunate start, and ended up at the back of the grid, he drove a great race, then powering through the field with his Maxima MX motor, he got back up to 1st and took the win in fine style. Milan and Matt were also in the think of it, both had fantastic races with their kyosho cars, Matt ended up a brilliant 5th and Milan powered home to 3rd and his 2nd podium of the weekend.


A brilliant weekend for RCPB and a great weekend for the Maxima MX B2R with two podiums on two days – taking 4 of the 6 podium places in Nitro for the weekend!


At Adur we had Ashley Evans with his Mugen E Buggy and Teckno SC, he took the TQ and in both classes.  Another great day for Ash at his local club!


Down at the Herts GP we had Gary Gregory, Ben Billing, Alex Page and Elliot Jones. Elliot and his Nova Rossi Powered SWorkz had a great day, he got 64th overall. Hs new Tops 5 Engine performed brilliantly. Ben and Gary were very similar in qualifying, Ben ended up 37th with his Sworkz/Nova Combo and Gary 36th with his Kyosho/Iealsi tuned Combo. Top qualifier for the team was Alex and his Mugen Machine who got 31st overall.


Elliot was first up in the A 1/16ths and he was flying, he took the lead in the later part of the race and thats where he stayed, taking a bump to the 1/8ths. His fine form continued, he started 11th and drove another brilliant race finishing 9th.



Gary would start 8th in the ¼ finals and his Ielasi powered kyosho would come home in a fantastic 2nd taking the bump to the Semi, Ben on the other side also bumped from his ¼ with a 3rd and Alex finished 10th. Ben would battle hard in his semi final going from 13th to 10th. A great drive by the Sworkz man. Gary in the other Semi would continue his brilliant form. He just missed the bump to the A-main with a great 8th. Another great race weekend for the RCPB guys at herts.


At the British On-road Circuit GP we had Michael Walton who will be running Maxima Tarmac fuel. He runs a BMT 984 in the 1/8th Circuit IC class. He qualified a fantastic 4th in the class at the GP, in tough conditions. He retained his 4th position coming home 4th in the A final and adding some good points in the national series.


As always the kit the guys use is available from RCPB, we stock, fuel, tyres, spares and lots of other RC goodies. Get in touch if you cant find what your looking for. EAT, SLEEP, RACE, REPEAT.



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