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SWIS Rd 2 – Chris Ely Takes the Top Spot

Posted by Jules exall on

This weekend was a mixture of 1/10th and 1/8th racing for the Team, firstly it was the 2dn Round of the SWIS (Shropshire, Winter, Indoor Series) at the Grange School Shrewsbury, although not a permanent track, still a very technical track which saw 1/10th 2wd, 4wd and Micro heat.

RCPB was represented by Team Bosses Chris Ely and Matt Box in 4wd, and after some hotly contested qualifying rounds the guys lined up one and two in the A final, with Chris just ahead of Matt. Chris was debuting the new Xray XB4 2016, and it looked very strong, with MKS Servos and Tekin Electrics, Vampire Batteries, he eventually went on to take the Win after Matt, also running XRAY with HPI Electrics, was leading but made a mistake which caused an issue with his car.  Great drive by Chris with the new car, look out for this car it’s going to be very popular. Pictured below the new XB4 of Chris in the centre and the cars of Clive Maland (Left) and Matt box (Right).

Outside In Swindon it was the 2nd round of their winter series and the RCPB team was out in force, represented by (from left to right) Chris Lovell, Simon Davies, Ben Billing, Shaun Stenson, Simeon and Simon White, Alex Page. As you can see from the picture, it was cold! This weather sorts the fair weather racers out from the real racers.

At Swindon they mix the e-buggy and nitro and Chris Lovell was running e-buggy, running his new Techno EB48.3 ebuggy and managed 5th in the A, amongst the Nitro boys. Ben, Simon White and Alex also made it straight into the A final. A very fine turnout in the top final by the RCPB guys!  Simon Davies and Simeon made it into the C final and Shaun the B.

First final was the C and although Simeon running Mugen MBX7 started ahead of team mate Simon Davies running Sworks Evo 2, Simon managed 2nd place just missing the top and only bump up spot. Shaun running his Radiosistemi RR8 was looking good in the top of the bunch but unfortunately had an issue and had to retire, unlucky for Shaun who was looking good for fighting for a bump up into the A.

Onto the A. Ben Billing and Chris Lovell had a strong race, Chris making up a few places and eventually coming in third, Ben as always with a stunning drive with his Sworks Evo 2, Nova Rossi combo couldn’t quite catch 1st and came home in a very pleasing 2nd Place. Alex and Simon also with steady drives managed 5th and 8th accordingly.

So another double podium for the RCPB boys in 8th,and a win in 10th. Not a bad weekend for the team.

All of the products the guys and gals run are available through RCPB website. EAT SLEEP RACE REPEAT – not even the cold can stop us!

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