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RR8's Place well at BRCA National Kent!

Posted by Matt Box on

Last weekend saw round 3 (actually round 4 due to the postponement of round 2) of the BRCA Rally X Championships take place at KMRC Kent. This was our first visit to the recently re vamped track and have to say the KMRC guys have done a fantastic job on preparing for the National. The track looked awesome!

There were 7 RR8's in attendance this weekend and after qualifying the team standings were as follows from 120 entries:

  1. Dave Crompton 23
  2. Stu Mahon 32
  3. Gavin Uttley 43
  4. Matt Box 70
  5. John Broadhurst 74
  6. Lewis Millman 86
  7. Derek Ireland 98

Qualifying was brutal on this track and at any national event, 1 mistake would cost the drivers immensely. We knew that the cars had pace after showing some good qualifying rounds but also knew that there was much more to come and providing we could keep consistent there were bump up places up for grabs.


Matt Box and John Broadhurst would line up in the 1/16 finals but John had a servo horn slip resulting in a timely pit stop to replace and get back out to put in some blistering laps! Matt had a start to forget but worked back up to 5th place only to be a little ambitious on the final jump and land on a track marker resulting in a cut and a 1:26 lap! Matt and John set the fastest laps of the final with a 44.4(MB) and 44.8 (JB) with Matt missing the bump up by 18 seconds in the end and John coming in 12th after his 11 minute pit stop! Both cars showed great pace in the finals which left both drivers with mixed emotions afterwards as a problem free final could have seen the drivers progress to the 1/8's.

On to the 1/8 finals which saw Gavin dominate the final from start to finish! A great controlled drive once again from Mr Uttley would see him progress to the 1/4 finals once again. Gavin produced some really quick laps including a 44.1 and won the final by over 20 seconds in the end!


So next up would be the 1/4 finals, Dave, Stu and Gav would line up looking to bump into the semi finals. first up it was Stu's turn in the 1/4 B. After starting 6th on the grid Stu drove a great final to take 3rd place and bump into the semi finals pretty comfortably in the end and posting laps in the 43 second range along the way. The 1/4 A would see Dave Crompton line up in 2nd and battled hard with Chris Doughty eventually taking the win with DC retaining 2nd and join Stu in the semi's. Gavin came in 11th which would see him finishing 41st overall which is a great achievement.

On to the Semi's and could Dave and Stu bump again and gain an A main spot? You bet ya! Stu came in 6th in the Semi B and Dave 7th in the Semi A to guarantee 2 Radiosistemi RR8's in the A main.

The A Main was a 45 minute affair with plenty of twists and turns, The win eventually went to Darren Bloomfield who took the win from Lee Martin by just 1 second! Graham Alsop would take the 3rd step of the podium. 2 RR8's in the top 10 with Dave Crompton in 9th and Stu Mahon in 10th, a great result for Radiosistemi. A massive well done!


Here are the final finishing positions after the finals, some movers and shakers after qualifying!

9. Dave Crompton

10. Stu Mahon

41. Gavin Uttley

75. Matt Box

85. John Broadhurst

99. Lewis Millman

106. Derek Ireland

So a great showing for the Radiosistemi RR8 with the car getting more and more popular at events all over the UK. If you are thinking of trying something new please email we are building up a 'Try before you buy' buggy in conjunction with JC Racing Products which will include an RR8 with a REDS R5R engine, all the team upgrades, servos, wheels and tyres etc. Just add your receiver and try it out!


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With special thanks to RC Photos for the pictures.

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