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Ebuggy Nats and Lots more from RCPB!

Posted by Jules exall on

Another glorious weekend, the sun shining all over the UK for the Team! 

Up in Scotland we had John Gorman taking part in the Oople race and here are his thoughts on the weekend’s action, “51 4wd entries and more in 2wd at the 2 day Oople event at Dunfermline. Day one saw 4 rounds of qualifying, Round one and very high grip as the grass was still intact, so grip roll was an issue. Despite that I took a 22nd in round. Round two and the Track was getting faster but had way too many mistakes on the bumpy and tricky track. Result was 31st in round. Round 3 and the track was approaching its best and a clean run got me 20th in round. Round 4 and now the track was getting slippery in places as the grass disappeared add in a few mistakes and I was a 26th. That concluded the days racing! On Sunday it was Round 5. Track was pretty slick, so grip and balance were an issue but I pushed through it and popped in a 21st. That put me C6 at the end of qualifying (26th overall) as pictured below. Onto the finals and Leg one was good and after a decent start I got into second and pulled a good gap over 3rd, But couldn't quite catch the leader resulting in 2nd place! Leg 2 wasn't a good run and ended up last after some tangles. Managed to pull it back to 7th.In Leg 3 I made a decent start making up some spots. Then too many errors dropped me back coming home 5th. My Final placing after the 3 legs was C4 (24th). So a decent weekend at a good event!” John is pictured below with his Xray – thanks for the report John!

At the other end of the country it was the Ebuggy and Truggy nationals at the impressive Herts track. In ebuggy we had Gary Gregory, Chris Ely, Steve Ibbotson, Ashley Evans, George Miller and Chris Lovell.

Gary and Chris managed to qualify into the D final, with Chris 6th and Gary 7th, both had a good start, Gary had a problem and had to retire early on but Chris and His Xray battled on to finish a respectable 10th. Steve Ibbotson, Chris Lovell, Ashley Evans and George Miller qualified in the C final! George stuck in some decent lap times with his Sworkz ebuggy and finished 10th. Chris L and Ashley were battling in the top bunch, Ashley coming from 10th to finish an impressive 5th, just in front of fellow Mugen Driver Chris Lovell. Steve was on form though after some unlucky qualifying, he started 6th and went on to a fantastic podium taking the 3rd place and the bump.  He continued his great pace through the B final and came home 10th. Another great drive by Ibbo and his Alpha powered TLR car and well done to the rest of the Ebuggy RCPB team!

At Ledbury in the club series we had Simon and Simeon White, Simon Davies, Rich Price, Elliot Jones and Andy Prosser. Simeon and Andy were once again close in quail and both ended up in the C final, Simeon and his Mugen MBx7r started just ahead of Andy and his Sworkz. Sim unfortunately had a problem and retired after a good start but Andy went on to a decent drive finishing 5th. Elliot and Si Davies were up next in the B Final. Elliot and his Sworks were once again dialed – he went on to a fine 3rd and Si and his RR8 ended up 6th.

Onto the A final – Ben, Rich and Si White representing RCPB! Si had a great start in his Mugen, and fought his way to take 4th, Rich had to retire but Ben was back at his best, in the zone, chasing down the leader. Ben finished 2nd, but only by a few seconds in a stunning display of driving. Pictured below on the podium!

RCPB will be back in action soon and as always the cars, kit, fuel and accessories that all the team use in 1/10th and 1/8th are available through the website and or drop us a line if you can’t find what you are looking for. EAT, SLEEP, RACE, REPEAT!

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