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RCPB hit the dirt at Pembrey!

Posted by Jules exall on

Team RCPB took to the track again this weekend. A large representation of the team was at the Nitro X Cross rounds 5 and 6 down at Pembrey Circuit. Si Davies, Matt Box, Chris Lovell, Chris Ely, Steve Ibbotson, Ben Billing, Andy Prosser, Gary Gregory, Elliot Jones, Rich Price, Steve Shakespeare, Kong McKenzie and Milan Dragojlovic were in attendance.

On Sunday and Rd5 and in the Ebuggy class were Chris E, Chris L and Steve I, they were all in great form qualifying 1st – Steve and his Losi 4, 2nd– Chris L and his Mugen MBX7R eco and 4th Chris Ely and his Xray. They would also be at the top of the pack in the finals, all battling for the podium, and RCPB just missed out on the full podium with the top four finishing as it started, with Chris just missing out on 3rd.

In Nitro Andy P was 61st, Si Davies 53rd, Elliot 51st, Chris Ely 39th, Steve I 32nd, Rich Price 29th, Gary 27th, Kong 19th(whos car is pictured below) and Steve S 14th, Matt Box scraped the A in 11th, Ben Billing 7th, and Milan 2nd! A nice scattering of RCPB drivers throughout the finals!

First up was Andy P and his Bullett powered Sworks Evo 2, he finished 8th. Si and Elliot were in the E final and both starting from the middle of the pack, Elliot and his Nova powered through to take a marvellous 2nd place and another bump for the Sworkz driver. Si had a tougher race with his RR8 but still finished in 11th. Elliot would join Chris E in the D final, and he would go onto another stunning drive, going from 13th to 5th narrowly missing the bump, and just behind Chris E who also had a great drive but also missed the bump. Elliot's Podium Picture below.

In the C it was Gary and Rich representing, both raced at the pointy end, Rich and his new Sworks finished in a fantastic 8th and Gary just ahead in 5th. Kong and Steve were up next in a very competitive B final, a good field of drivers saw “Shakey” and his “Boots” edition Reds engine take an impressive win, Kong who had a problem had to return to the pits early in the race but showed his stunning pace with his Mugen before retirement. Shakeys Podium Pic below.

Ben, Shakey, Matt and Milan would be up in the A, and all got off the line well, Milan and his MP9 taking the lead for a long period of time and bring home a superb 3rd place, Ben and his Sworks ended up 6th with Matt just behind in 7th and Shakey and his Kyosho went from 12th to a fine 8th. Great race and some stunning wheel to wheel racing! Matts car pictured in full flight below.

Day two/Monday and a slight change to the line up with a few of the guys not racing. In Ebuggy Chris Lovell was back at the sharp end in Electric, taking a fine TQ in the class. His RC Concepts Motor banging in a fantastic time to take the pole ahead of the pack. He went on to bring home the win, even getting the extra lap on the field in the final. Another win for the Mugen driver and some great points for the series!

Si Davies had a great day, qualifying an impressive 42nd in a field of over 60, Elliot got 37th and Rich Price 30th, Gary got 21st and Steve S got 18th, Matt box (pictured below marshalling) again just making the A in 11th and Ben just ahead in 9th with Milan top of the RCPB pack again in 7th.

Si had an issue and had to retire early in the D final. Elliot was up next in the C, and again showed great improvement, going from 11th to 9th. Gary and his RR8V2 and Shakey and his MP9 were in the B final, both having great starts shooting them up the field, Gary also running his “boots” edition Reds engine was flying. He finished 8th in a very strong field. Shakey also drove extremely well, unfortunately just missing the bump with 4th

Ben, Matt and Milan were to do battle in the A final for team RCPB. Ben had to retire early after a great start which left Matt and Milan. Both had a tricky race but Matt and his Ielasi tuned engine managed to gain some places and finished 9th. Milans Kyosho came home 7th. Another top finish from Milan (pictured below).

We at RCPB would like to thank the nitroxcross crew and also the Swansea Club for an awsome track and a great weekend.

Great work from the whole RCPB team at Pembrey, well done guys and gals, but they were not the only RCPB team members on track. Ashley Evans (pictured below) was racing his MBX7r Eco and his Techno Short Course and he managed to take the Tq and win in both classes at ADUR. He managed to win nearly every heat as well. Nice work Ashley.

As always all of the cars and kit used by the team above is available through RC-Pitbox, next weekend the team are racing at Ledbury Models Car Club, East Shrewsbury Model Car Club, The Oople race and also at the Ebuggy/Truggy Nats so if you see the logo, go over and say hello and our team will always be happy to help you any way they can. Until next week -  EAT, SLEEP,RACE, REPEAT!!!!!

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