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BRCA Ralleycross Nationals Rd 2 and more from the RCPB team

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This weekend RCPB were once again across the UK racing. Up in Scotland at Stonehaven it was the Scottish 1/10th nationals. John Gorman was representing in his Xray 4wd.The tricky conditions made life hard, Sun then rain, but John stuck it in the A, 10th on the grid. He made the best of the conditions and brought the xray home in 9th. His car pictured below all prepped and ready to go.


At Swindon Model Car club Chris Lovell and his MBX7r Eco managed the TQ and a win - lapping the field in his final. His RC Concept powered Mugen looking stunning as always and Chris once again on the podium. Nice work!

At the mid south Regional at the Torch track we had James Baker and his daughter Rhiannon and Son Charlie and Steve Ibbotson giving their Schumacher’s a blast. Charlie and Rhiannon only racing in a regional for the 2nd time did amazingly well, Rhiannon even managed to beat her brother in the finals. Rhiannons car looking good in full flight below!


James and Steve both qualified in the B final, Steve having had bad luck in the first few rounds turned it round in the last qualifier getting the TQ even if it was with Charlie’s car (all pictured below). He qualified 7th in the B and managed to bring it home in 6th, behind lead RCPB man James who drove a blinder and finished on the podium in 3rd.

Down at Kiddermister club it was also a good day for the pitbox team as well, It was the 4wd mid west regional at the excelent and well known track pictured below. The team was represented by team Boss Chris Ely and Tommy and Jamie Hall.

Tommy hall qualifying an excellent 12th overall with Chris Ely also in the B final. Jamie struggled a bit in qualifying then put in a great C final so close to taking the win in 2nd. The B final was a messy affair with Chris coming home 7th just in front of Tommy. Another great performance by the rising stars of the RCPB team - Tommy and James!

At the Ralleycross National at the superb Kent model car track (pictured below) we had a few more of the 1/8th team, Team Boss Matt box, Milan Dragojlovic, Alex Page, Ben Billing, Steve Shakespeare, Kong McKenzie, Arron Girling, Gary Gregory.


The track was in awesome condition, and the changeable conditions would shake up the qualifying for the team. After some rain and sun, catching a few of the guys out with tyres in their heats, qualifying ended with Milan near the top of the pile. He had managed a superb 5th in round giving him an overall 9th, and place straight in the semi final! He and his Kyosho MP9 TKI3 are finally starting to show their true pace. Aaron was next with 41st overall, his Ielasi Tuned engine now sounding sweet in his Kyosho. Ben was 45th with his Sworks/Nova Rossi Combo. Kong, Steve and Matt were the guys most hampered by the weather but still managed some solid runs, they ended up 60th, 61st and 62nd. Gary and his Radiosistemi RR8/Reds Combo was just behind in 65th, and Alex Page and his Kyosho in 70th. All very close even after 5 rounds of qualifying.

Matt Gary and Alex as usual had all managed to make it to the same final – B 1/16th, Matt drove a stunning race his Ielasi tuned powered MP9 lead from start to finish, even pitting in the later stages for a “splash and dash” even though he was capable of one stopping the 20mins. Gary who started on pole also had a fantastic race, managing to clinch the final bump up spot and also progress to the 1/8ths. Alex came home 10th. Matt and Gaz would join Kong in the 1/8ths, and Kong was on fire, he powered through the field from 10th to 2nd, and clinched his place in the ¼’s in fine style. Matt and Gary finished 8th and 10th respectively.

In the A 1/16ths was Steve Shakespeare and his Reds powered Kyosho MP9, He also lead from start to finish, with an impressive 12s lead over 2nd place. Steve would join Ben (pictured below with his car) and Arron in the 1/8ths.

Even Steve’s amazing drive from 11th to 5th didn’t compare to the lightning pace of Arron who drove to a fine 2nd place and a place in the ¼’s. Ben unfortunately had some bad luck on the last lap and ended up 8th, narrowly missing the bump with his Sworks Evo 2 LE – a great drive from Ben, with much more to come in the following rounds i’m sure.

First up in the 1/4’s it was Kong, his fine looking Mugen had a great start, and he drove to a very good 10th place. Great day for Kong and the MBx7r! Arron also showed his skills and managed a great 11th place. Onto the semi’s and Milan! He started 5th on the grid but the line up was littered with RC stars so it was going to be tough, he had a great start but slipped back into the pack, after some of the leaders cut, his Luck was in and he powered into a bump spot with some fine driving and stunning overtakes. He brought the MP9 home in 6th and got the bump to the A-main. (Milans car pictured below being prepped for the final) Milan would line up 13th in the main event. He managed a decent start and held position even going up to 6th after at the time of the first pitstops, he settled back into the pack and drove a stunning 45mins to round off a great day for him and the team in 11th.

A great weekend of racing for the team and a massive well done to Milan on his A-main appearance! The start of the dirt season is upon us and the start of some seriously good racing for the team, who visit some far flung corners of Europe over the next few weeks. As always all of the cars, kits, fuel, tyres and accessories that all of the team uses are available from RCPB!

This weekend we are on site at Pembrey Track for the Swansea round of the Nemo Nitroxcross series, so if you need anything let us know.

Until next time – EAT, SLEEP, RACE, REPEAT!!!4

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