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Jetko J One Composite S.Soft 1:8 Tyre Only - Pair

Jetko J One Composite S.Soft 1:8 Tyre Only - Pair

  • £1250

World premiere of the first buggy tyre designed to perform as well on electric vehicles thanks to its flexible belt !

Jetko recognises the excellent performance of “Bar” style tyres but also identified an issue with rapid wear rate when used with today's nitro-powered cars or high torque electric cars!

To provide the best solution/performance for heavier/powerful electric vehicles, Jetko undertook the task of developing a tyre that also meets the specific needs of electric models.

The most innovative aspect of their design is the introduction of the first light-belt carcass. This innovation was necessary to control deformation, particularly on today's nitro-powered cars or when electric cars apply high levels of torque.

In summary, Jetko's approach to designing a tyre also usable for electric cars involved balancing performance with tyre wear, and keeping stability in the tyre.

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