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Posted by Jules exall on

This weekend it was back to some club racing for some of the RCPB team, at East Shrewsbury we had team boss Matt Box, Si Davies, Gary Gregory and Rich Price.(all pictured above)

Matt had a fantastic day with his Ielasi Tuned powered Kyosho Mp9, he qualified 5th in a decent field of over 30 racers. Si managed a steady quail and got 23rd overall. Gary and Rich similar in times also did very well, ending up 14th and 15th respectively   . The track was changing the “old school” grass turning to dirt in the blazing sunshine, and it was a thirsty Track. Matts car is pictured below trackside in the pits.

The finals would be a challenge for some with engines needing fuel after 5-6 mins. First up we had Simon in the C final, he found his pace, going from 6th on the grid to 3rd, narrowly missing the bump with his Radiosistemi RR8. Gary and Rich were up next in the B final. Rich had a good go at the bump, driving very well but in a tough race finished 7th at the Buzzer, Gary from 6th on the grid with his Reds Powered RR8 V2, drove a blinder, He gained a couple of places and came home in 4th. Matt lined up 5th, he had a great first lap, straight into 3rd on the first corner, a good battle on track with 2nd place man meant the leader pulled away, but after the leader running out of fuel, he was now battling for the lead, he now had the advantage, as his Ielasi tuned engine needed one less pit stop, he took advantage, he managed to keep the 2nd place driver behind him with some great wheel to wheel action, and he took the impressive win by a few hundredths of a second. Great drive by the team boss - podium pictured below!!!

Over at ADUR Ashley Evans was running his Mugen MBX7r eco and his 1/10th Shortcourse Tekno Pictured below,

He took the TQ in both classes and went on to take the win in all the finals and legs -  both classes as well (final pic. below). More stunning driving by Ashley on the sunniest day of the year! Long may the weather and his wins continue!

At Swindon we had Chris Lovell in his Mugen MBX7r Eco in their club series, he took a fine TQ in every round with his RC Concept Batteries powering him onto a clear 1st on the Grid. In the A final he went on to also take the win, ending up with a lap on the rest of the field. Another great drive by Chris.

Over at Telford Model Car Club it was Jamie and Tommy Hall at the Shortcourse Nats. In 4WD it was seriously competitive, in the end it came down to an epic yet respectful battle between Jamie and Lewis Williamson, Jamie just pipped it on count back!
In 2WD, Jamie and Tommy were overjoyed with clinching the "best of the rest" with second and third respectively (podium pic below). Massive well done to both boys who simply have an RC wisdom above their years and a credit it to the team!

More racing next weekend for the guys but in the meantime check out our facebook page and website for all the latest offers and products, all the team run products available from us so why not check it out.

EAT<SLEEP<RACE<REPEAT – until next raceday!!!

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